Student Travel &
Conference Fund


This Fund is provided by Student Services and the Students’ Union to assist students to meet travel & conference fee expenses associated with participation in off-campus learning experiences.

Travel & Conference Fund Information and Application

Please return the completed form to the
Office of Acting Dean of Students Services, (Rm. 105. A.E. McKenzie)

Applications must be received three (3) weeks prior to the travel/conference date.

Coverage is limited to accommodation, food, travel and registration fees.
Activities that qualify for assistance include: (These activities cannot be for credit or used in fulfilment of course, program, or degree requirements.) The amounts claimed must be in accordance with the Travel & Business Expense Policy & Procedures

  • workshops

  • conferences

  • clinics

  • competitions

Preferences for funding set by the committee are (in no particular order):

  • Undergraduate, full-time, continuing student.

  • Student(s) must have a G.P.A. of 2.0 or better.

  • Students who have not received money from this fund within the current and/or previous fiscal year

  • Students invited to participate in a conference/workshop based on a selection process

  • Active participation as a presenter or leader

  • Graduate students are welcome to apply, but due to more funding options being available to graduate students, undergraduate students will be given preference.

Please Note:

If you are applying on behalf of a student organization, club or group DO NOT APPLY INDIVIDUALLY. Please provide the name of the organization/group/club along with the individual names and student numbers of those applying. 

Reimbursement of eligible expenses must be supported by official receipts and will typically not be paid out until after the event occurs.

Official receipts and a summative report (approx. 250 words) must be handed in to the Student Services Office within three (3) weeks of your return from the event or you will lose the funding.