These are the official Bylaws of the Union. The Bylaws set the basic rules by which the organization operates, and where they are in conflict, the Bylaws take precedence over the Policies and standing orders of council. The Bylaws are overseen by BUSU Council, and amendments may only be adopted by a two-thirds majority at a BUSU Council Meeting, or Annual General Meeting during regular session (September to April).

Download a copy of the By-Laws HERE


Download a copy of the BUSU Constitution HERE


Policy Manual

These are the official Policies of the Union. The Policies give direction to the operations of the Union, and includes BUSU’s official position on several political issues (such as tuition fees and funding or sustainability). Where they are in conflict, the Policy Manual takes precedence over the standing orders of Council. The Policy Manual is overseen by BUSU Council. New policies or amendments may be passed at any time by BUSU Council, or at an Annual General Meeting.

Download a copy of the Policy Manual HERE