* All Brandon University students who are currently registered will have a BU Student Email Address. If you are not currently registered in classes, you are not eligible to vote and will not receive an email to vote *  


Q: How do I access my BU student email? 
A: Go to the BU home page (www.brandonu.ca) and click on the Webmail link in the upper right corner of the page. Then, enter your BU login username and password in the appropriate fields, click OK. 

Q: I don’t know my BU student email address OR I don’t know the password to my BU email. 
A: Visit the IT Help Desk in the library or email helpdesk@brandonu.ca  

Q: I forward my BU student emails to my personal email address. 
A: That’s okay! You can still click on the link to vote from your personal email account where the Election email was automatically forwarded to. Every student receives “one token” via the link to vote so once that token is used, it cannot be used again. 

Q: I didn’t receive an email with the link to vote on Thursday morning. 
A: Check your junk/spam folder. Refresh your inbox. If you have your BU emails forwarded to your personal email address, check your personal email account. If it’s still not there, visit the IT Help Desk in the library or email helpdesk@brandonu.ca 

Q: I accidentally deleted the email with the link to vote.
A: Go to your trash/deleted folder to check if it’s still there to recover. If not, contact the BUSU General Manager at gm@busu.ca or 204 727 9682. 

Q: I don’t want to vote; do I have to? I don’t have time to vote or I’m not on campus on the voting days.
A: Voting is not mandatory but it is strongly recommended! You as a student have the opportunity to make your voice count for the different nominees. Take this time to learn about the candidates and make your choice when voting opens. The voting ballot survey is online so students can vote ANYTIME from 9am on February 28th until 4pm on March 1st and ANYWHERE as long as they have access to their BU student email. 

Q: I don’t have access to a cellphone, laptop or computer. 
A: You can use any computer on campus to log in to your BU email account. There is free access to computers in the Library, various computer labs on campus, and in the BUSU office.