Registration & Funding Information

Click the link below to find out how to register as a club, club guidelines, and club funding information.

Finding a Club

If you're interested in joining a club at Brandon University, click the button below to find a list of registered clubs and their descriptions.

Why Get Involved with Clubs?

We know you don't need convincing but, this will help you out with those friends of yours who are one the fence.

Co-Curricular Record

Nothing like the big, fat contribution to your co-curricular record that joining a few clubs will give you. There’s nothing wrong with getting recognized for something that you love to do anyway, right?

A Great Time

You like parties? We’ve got parties. You like helping others? We’ve got that. Passionate about a cause? We are, too. Basically, if you love something, we’ve got a club for you. And if we don’t, it’s easy to start one.

Practical Experience

Get real hands on experience. For everything from event planning, to volunteer management, to fund-raising, even business and marketing experience. Clubs are a great opportunity to learn the skills that will help you out in the job market


Clubs are a great way to meet people who share your big passion. Whether it’s service, religion, or even Harry Potter, clubs give you access to a whole new group of friends who share what you love.