LGBTTQ* Collective

The BU LGBTTQ* [Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Two Spirit, Questioning] Collective's aim – regardless of your sexual orientation, gender identity or expression – is to establish spaces on campus, where queer bodies can thrive as healthy, equal, and complete members of Brandon University and the broader Westman community.

At the start of every new academic year the Collective puts on Queerientation: a week-long series of events tailored to queer student’s needs, wants, and experiences. New for 2017-18 is ‘Like That’ space for folks to explore their identity, as well as monthly Q&A socials at Houston’s. Adding, we hold monthly meetings to set the direction of the Collective.

The LGBTTQ* Collective provides a positive platform were queer folks can: educate the public about our culture, our place in society, current issues of our concern, promote safety, personal growth, mutual respect and pride for the queer* community.

Here in Brandon the LGBTTQ* community is vibrant, diverse and thriving. It is the Collective’s goal through continued community programing and outreach, to bridge the gap between queer university students and the greater Westman community.

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