Who is eligible to be a candidate and run for a position in the BUSU elections?

YOU! Brandon University students currently enrolled in at least one course and interested in serving the student body as a student union representative! Either as an Executive Member working in the BUSU office or as a Board Director.

How do I become a candidate?

Nomination Packages will be available on February 11th-15th @ the BUSU Office or online at busu.ca/elections For a nomination to be accepted, you must have the following:

  • Completed Nomination Form:

    • Executive: you must get 30 Brandon University students to nominate you

    • Director/Senator: you must get 15 students in your faculty/constituency to nominate you. For example, if you are running for International Director, you need 15 international students to nominate you (exception – Graduate Studies Director only requires 5 signatures)

  • Letter of Intent (minimum: 200 words, typed)

  • (Optional) Completed Appointment of Agent form: To designate another BU student as your Agent during the election campaign. They will act as a second contact for you and be a scrutineer during ballot counting.

What Positions are Available?

Executive positions: President, Vice President Internal (VPI), Vice President External (VPE)

Directors: Accessibility, Arts, Education, Graduate Studies, Health Studies, Indigenous Peoples, International Student, Music, Part-Time & Mature, Residence, Racialized, Queer, Science, and Women’s.

Senate: Arts, Education, Health Studies, Music, and Science, Student-At-Large (x2)

Boards: KDC Student-At-Large (x2)

The Quill: Student-At-Large (x3)

Do I get Paid or is it Volunteer?

Executive positions are salaried positions (approximately $14/hr). The BUSU President works 40 hours a week, and the Vice Presidents work 20-30 hours a week. Director Positions are casual positions paid through tuition rebate (15 hours of work is equivalent to approx. $130). Senate, Quill, and Board Positions are volunteer. All positions will give you great Board experience and add to your university and community experience!

What does each Position Do?

President: is a full-time employee member of council, and their main responsibility include but are not limited to: Chairing Council Meetings, acting as the main Union spokesperson on all student issues, providing input to all BUSU committees, acting as the Chair of the Campaigns and Government Relations committee, overseeing all campaign and government relations of the Union, providing long term strategic direction for the Union, Chairing executive committee, Board of Governors, KDC Board, Alumni and other committees.

VPI: is a part-time employee member of the Union and duties include but are not limited to: overseeing the financial management of the Union, including preparing and maintaining the budget (in conjunction with the General Manager), acting as Chair of the Finance Committee, overseeing various BUSU services (in conjunction with Office & Services Manager), advising students on academic and disciplinary appeals and related matters, and acting as the official Student Advocate Caucus. Maintaining all the BUSU bylaws, policies and standard procedures, including implementation of the rules with the President, advocating the Union’s best interests in University meetings, Board of Governors, Senate, KDC Board, Alumni and other committees.

VPE: is a part-time employee member of the Union and duties include but are not limited to: overseeing all BUSU internal communications including but not limited to: electronic communications and newsletters, serving as a liaison between BUSU and student groups, overseeing services specific to student groups and councils, overseeing the Union’s events and activities and ensuring they cater to the academic, cultural and social interest of the Members of the Union while also overseeing promotion of Union events at the University and off campus.

Directors: are considered casual employment positions, working anywhere from 5 to 20 hours a month. Directors serve as liaisons between BUSU and the students they represent (their constituencies). This position involves attending faculty or constituency-specific group meetings, BUSU Board meetings and sub-committee meetings. Directors also assist with various BUSU events, activities, campaigns and projects. Depending on how much work has been performed, directors earn tuition rebate per semester, on average $1,400 per year.

Senators: Main responsibilities include attending monthly faculty meetings, student caucus meetings, and monthly senate meetings. This position is volunteer based but serves as a great academic and board experience.

Quill: Attending meetings of the Quill, the student-run Brandon University newspaper. For more information – www.thequill.ca/contact-us

When and where do we get more information?

The Returning Officer will be tabling an info booth and will be holding office hours in the boardroom from 1:30-3:00 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday throughout the election period

How much does it cost to campaign?

This depends completely on the candidate; however, over the past 3 elections, I have required candidates to submit their expenses to determine the average costs. The findings are that Executive positions average between $35 - $75; whereas, Directors: contested averaged at $20 and non-contested averaged at $5. The BUSU office provides photocopying, printing and other services at the lowest cost on campus and banner making is free. For the full list of products and printing/copying fees, please visit the BUSU website at www.busu.ca or stop by the office.  

Campaigning Information, resources, and rules will be discussed with candidates at the 1st All Candidates Meeting in the KDC Bldg on the 2nd Floor. Thank you for your time and interest in the BUSU election and I look forward to working with you. You are welcome to contact me anytime at ro@busu.ca