Your Fee for 2018-2019: $19


The Service:

Our U-Pass is the least expensive U-Pass program in Canada, and students across the country are looking to Brandon University as a model to help negotiate agreements in their own cities.

Using your U-Pass is a as simple as getting on the bus and tapping your student card on the console in-front of the driver. Whether you ride everyday, or just need it as a backup for when your car doesn't start, this service is both an affordable and eco-friendly option for students. 

How it all began:

In 2010, BUSU began discussions with the city of Brandon and Brandon Transit to look at creating a U-Pass for Brandon University Students. The result of these negotiations was an agreement of a $15 fee to be paid by all students at Brandon University in exchange for full bus services for a whole 12 months starting in September. 

In 2011, students voted in a referendum to gauge interest in the creation of the U-Pass and the majority of voters were in favour. After the referendum was passed, BUSU signed a 3 year contract with Brandon Transit for a $25 annual U-Pass for all students. 

In 2014 the initial agreement between Brandon Transit and BUSU expired however, Brandon Transit agreed to keep the $15 fee for one more year until further negotiations could take place.

The 2015 Referendum:

BUSU began negotiations with Brandon Transit again in the fall of 2014 where Brandon Transit mentioned that the $15 fee was no longer affordable for them. This resulted in another referendum in the 2015 BUSU elections. The referendum was worded as follows:

"Are you in favour of BUSU keeping the U-Pass service by increasing the annual cost to $16 for 2015-2016, $17 for 2016-2017, $18 for 2017-2018, $19 for 2018-2019, and $20 for 2019-2020?"

Students voted overwhelmingly in favour with 8.6% of the final vote.