Day of Action #ScrapBill 31
October 25th, 2017

On October 25th, 2017, students at Brandon University held a rally to oppose tuition hikes in Manitoba and to #ScrapBill31

- All Out - 
November 2nd, 2016

What is ALL OUT? It's The National Day of Action is happening on November 2nd. A Day where post-secondary students across Canada are standing together to fight for their own education. A day where we stand united across Canada and take into our town hands, our own education. A day where, regardless of tuition costs, province, program or study, institution, or injustice on local campuses, we stand united for our education.

In Brandon we are:

For Creating Indigenous Course Requirements

Against Increasing International Student Differential Fees

Against the Mandatory Attendance Policy

Lucia Vaughan | Editorial Cartoonist

Mandatory attendance is when students' grades are tied directly to attendance in classes and can even be withdrawn from their courses if they exceed the allowable unexcused absences. Currently at Brandon University there are 3 faculties with mandatory attendance: Education, Health Studies, & Music. BUSU is not fighting against mandatory attendance in these faculties as we recognize that attendance is crucial in these programs. What BUSU is standing up against is mandatory attendance in lectures. Mandatory Attendance goes beyond the classroom and is a human rights issue. 

Click for more information about the Day of Action Facebook event

Click for more information about the Day of Action Facebook event