Emily Simon

Vice President Internal


Hello and welcome to all new and returning Brandon University Students to your 2018/2019 year! I have been elected to be your Vice- President Internal (VPI) for this academic year. As VPI I am your advocate and sit on different committees and boards throughout campus, I do this so your voice is present and can be heard. Some of the services that I am responsible for are the paw pass, the health and dental plan, student advocacy and many more. I was elected by you for you, so please come and talk to me and use my resources as much as you need. If something happens like your professor makes something up and it isn’t on the syllabus, or if you just want to come and chat about some of the other services we offer please feel free to come and see me. Our door at BUSU is always open and we would all be happy to see you. I hope to see you around campus!


Justin Shannon



To new and returning students: welcome to Brandon University.  I am your BUSU President for the 2018/19 academic year.  I want to welcome everyone to come out to our orientation events, and wish everyone a great beginning to the school year.  Throughout the year you’ll no doubt see me walking around campus or tabling for one of BUSU’s campaigns or events, and I want to encourage you to approach me with any questions about BUSU, our mission, and the services we provide.  You can reach me by email at pres@busu.ca or find me in BUSU office.


Mohammed Agavi

Vice President External


Hello and welcome to a new year. I’m Mohammed Agavi andI will be your Vice-President External (VPE) for the 2018/2019  school year. My job mainly consist of student activities around campus, clubs and collectives. So if you have any cool ideas for an event on campus please come and see me and we can talk about. The resources are present to have a lot of fun and engaging activities on campus. You can also form clubs for students on campus and get some funding too. We have four awesome collectives on campus and it would be amazing to have more students involved with them. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please send me an email at vpe@busu.ca or come into the office and talk to me. Good-luck in the next school year and I hope its fun and instructive!