Nick Brown

Vice President Internal:
Emily Simon

Vice President External:
Mohammed Agavi


Hello new and returning Brandon University students!

My name is Nick Brown, and I’ll be your Brandon University Student’s Union President for the 2017/2018 academic year. I’ve been a student at Brandon University since 2011 in the Music/Education department as a trumpet player. This will be my fourth continuous year on BUSU, as I served as VPI from 2014-2016 and President since 2016.

I look forward to working with you as your voice to the BU Administration, and as we fight against a provincial government interested in significantly raising tuition.

Hello and welcome to all new and returning Brandon University Students to your 2017/2018 year! My name is Emily and I have been elected to be your Vice- President Internal (VPI) for this academic year. A few questions you might have are what is the VPI and what do they do? As VPI I am your advocate and sit on different committees and boards throughout campus, I do this so your voice is present and can be heard. Some of the services that I am responsible for are the paw pass, the health and dental plan, student advocacy and many more. I was elected by you for you, so please come and talk to me and use my resources as much as you need. I know university can be tough especially if it is your first year, it’s okay we’ve all been there.  Our campus is awesome because we are a smaller university so you can really get to know people and make connections with your professors.  If something happens like your professor makes something up and it isn’t on the syllabus, or if you just want to come and chat about some of the other services we offer please feel free to come and see me. Our door at BUSU is always open and we would all be happy to see you. Welcome to your 2017/2018 school year at BU, I hope to see you around campus!