Direct2U Prescriptions:

As regular session classes are coming to a close we want to remind you that, if you are enrolled in the Health and Dental Plan, you can still use the Direct2U Prescription Delivery service during the summer months. If you are not near campus for the summer you can have your packages rerouted across Canada, for free the next day. When you contact Alliance Pharmacy to get a refill, you can have the package sent to an alternate location if you wish.

For those students who are enrolled in the plan and are graduating, you may continue to use Direct2U Prescriptions for as long as you wish, regardless of what plan you are on.

If you have any questions regarding Direct2U or the Health and Dental Plan please contact the BUSU office at (204) 727-9660 email or

For more information about the Direct 2U service follow this link: Direct 2U