Winter Opt-In Open:

For students who just registered in January, your opt-in period is from January 2nd-30th. You are able to opt-in online by clicking the link below, or visit us in the BUSU office located on the first floor of the Knowles-Douglas Centre (204)727-9660.

Be sure to have link to Opt-In page **HERE**

The Blackout Period has Ended:

The blackout period for the BUSU Health & Dental Plan has officially ended! Your next step is to register through the RWAM Portal that can be located by clicking the button below. Once you have registered, you will be able to start making claims and accessing direct billing. 

Click the "Pharmacare" button below for an informational sheet that will help you apply for Pharmacare. Manitoba Pharmacare is a drug program offered to individuals who have a valid Manitoba Health Card. This program will work in conjunction with your BUSU Health Plan in order to bring you better savings and coverage for your prescription drug needs. You will need to apply for Pharmacare once you have accumulated $150.00 in drug claims as RWAM’s drug plan will not process any further claims until that is received. Good news… BUSU will help you do this and it’s a super easy form! If you already have Pharmacare, please give us a call and we’ll tell you how to proceed.

For assistance you can call the BUSU office at (204)727-9660 or stop by the BUSU office located on the first floor of the Knowles-Douglas Centre.

Please note: Those of you who only just opted into the plan over the past two weeks will have to wait another few days to be enrolled into the program.